The Bitters of the Centenarian is produced by the family Cerutti.

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  • It’s 1961, year of festivities and anniversary of the Italy reuinification and indipendence.
    In that which could be finally said ‘Nation’ and, in particular, in Turin, cradle of the Risorgimento, thanks to those who deeply wanted it (Carlo Alberto di Savoia, Vittorio Emanuele II, Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, Giuseppe Mazzini e Giuseppe Garibaldi), there were a lot of demonstrations and realizations of still existing works, remembering that enterprise. The union of our wonderful nation makes it still ‘in fieri’, in spite of some Italian people tried to destroy it with immoral behaviours. In those years, in Canelli, area rich of vineyards, little realities of wines production existed, more or less, in every way – besides the historical firms (Gancia, Riccadonna, Bosca, Contratto, Comm. Coppo, Cantina Sociale, Robba, Zoppa ecc.), without forgetting those – in primis Bocchino and Aliberti – that produced distillates and liquors.
  • Aldo and Maria Cerutti were both coming from Cassinasco, little town near Canelli.
    Aldo: born in 1923, son of Pietro and Maggiorina (owners of a farm), bursting mind, rich of thoughts and ideas, gritty, with a revolutionary nature, prisoner in Germany and Prussia in 1945, holder of an honour medal by the President of the Republic.
    Maria: born in 1927, wife, mother and unique grandmother, daughter of Vincenzo and Teresa Carozzo, owners of a carpentry, of an iron working and electrician shop.
    In 1941, after their wedding, Maria and Aldo moved to Canelli, where they began to hand out products in a wide area among Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.
  • In 1957, given up this activity, they established in Regione Pianezzo, where, brushing up their old passion for the cultivation of officinal herbs, they began, with the name of "ILAS", to produce liquors, conceiving the recipe of bitters, whose peculiarity was that of using extracts of the distillation of different types of herbs with salutary properties (also used by local herborists for making decoctions and tisanes). That liquor was produced for the first time in 1961 and, considering the anniversary of the unity of Italy, it was called ‘CENTENARIAN BITTERS’, remaining on the market till 80‘s, when, due to the activity cessation, the production was suspended. Today, in 2014, thanks to their sons’ will, owners of the Punto Bere s.r.l., and to the enthusiasm of their grandchildren, with the help of a great, operating and rich in proposals selling power, the ‘CENTENARIAN BITTERS is reintroduced as it was at the origin. Produced in little quantities and in respect of the traditionaL recipe, the reintroduction on the market of our liquor makes us proud, remembering and regretting those who invented it.
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